My name is Tom Piergrossi and while I'm relative newcomer to Hawaii having moved here in 2009, I had a well-established landscape design and installation company in Southern California for over 20 years. After visiting the Islands for more than several decades, I decided to make the move to the Big Island. As a big lover of tropical plants I couldn't have chosen a better place to live and work. After living in the coastal deserts of Southern California for more than thirty years, it's a joy to live in a climate with regular rainfall. While some of the plants are different here, the design principles remain the same. I focus on naturalistic design and maintenance. I prune trees and shrubs using a technique called lacing, which maximizes light and air circulation, reducing disease and insect problems, while at the same time minimizing maintenance. In a tropical climate like Hawaii, it’s even more important to make proper plant selections as the plants grow very fast here and maintenance considerations are critical.

My Goals

As an award winning landscaper, I want to bring my expertise in sustainable design principles to the Islands. I pride myself on appropriate plant and hardscape choices to accomplish my client’s wishes. At the same time I want to empower them with the knowledge to make good decisions about their own landscapes.