Aechmea 'Bert Variegated'

Shipping plants is easier than most people think. 


We are certified to ship anywhere in the United States, (including Hawaii and Alaska). We do not ship internationally. 

We always ship on Mondays & Tuesdays, to make sure the plants get there as fast as possible and not be stuck in a building over the weekend. Neither FedEx and the USPS delivers on weekends. Plants are very perishable and the less time they spend in the box the better. We also process orders as we get them and sometimes there are a lot of orders to pull and process, but we do try to get them out within a week if possible. If plants are needed in an emergency (for example as a gift), just email me and I can try to expedite it, at your risk. But please know takes time to pull and clean orders, a small restocking fee will be applied if an order is canceled after the plants have been pulled and cleaned

We generally prefer to ship using FedEx. But we can also ship Priority Mail Flat Rate, if that is desired, it does take a little longer, and no guarantee would be available. The Large Flat Rate box goes for about $16 and holds about 4 plants, more or less with plant size.

Because we are so isolated on the Big Island of Hawaii, we import almost everything, but that also means that the FedEx planes leave with a lot less stuff than they arrived with, because of this, the Hawaii Shippers Association was able to negotiate a great deal. That means that I can ship at better rates than anyone on the mainland. FedEx is also quick, the plants usually take about 2-3 days, and have tracking numbers available.


We don't ship until payment is made.

We do not have an minimum order, but the price to ship one plant is often the same as shipping multiples.

Thank you for your order; it's very important to us that you are successful with your purchases. We've taken great care to propagate and nurture these plants so that they get to you in good condition. Immediately unpack your plants and remove all packaging, leave in the original containers, and water. Place in a cool shaded location with good air circulation for a couple of days just help them adjust. Shipping can be hard on plants, but plants are very adaptable and want to survive. A few yellow leaves is normal, plants should start to look better in a few days, at which point it's best to place them in the appropriate location for that plant. Use common sense and pay attention to your local weather conditions, especially concerning frost, high winds or heat waves. The plants may also be potted up at this time as well, usually just go one pot size larger using a well-drained mix. Water carefully, being careful as not to over water. A slow release fertilizer may be used, or 1/2 strength water-soluble fertilizer like Miracle Grow, or blood meal if you prefer an organic fertilizer. As new growth starts that's a good indicator that the new plants have begun to adjust and will be ready to plant in the garden or potted up at your discretion.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerned in any way. If plants suffer excessive damage in transit, please let us know within 48 hours. Please take pictures of the plant and shipping box, which we may ask you to send via email.

The plants are shipped slightly moist, packed with shredded paper and individually wrapped.

Cold and heat can be issues when shipping live plants, make sure to provide a shady place for the delivery person to place your box of plants, if possible leave a note in advance that you will be expecting a box and leave instructions on where to leave it. Plants left in the sun WILL be damaged. There can be issues shipping to the west coast and southern states during the heat of summer, and of course freezing temperatures in the colder states in the winter.


We guarantee that your plants will arrive in good condition and are properly identified as best we can, sometimes a proper ID is not possible, we generally go by the names on the plant we we get it and what ever we can find out in literature and on line. Sometimes plant names can be very confusing, but we update as we get new information.

 A few yellow leaves are a natural occurrence in the shipping process. Some plants ship better than others, if there are issues with a specific plant it will be noted. Please contact us immediately if a plant arrives in poor condition.  We want the opportunity to counsel you immediately on it's care and possibly contact the shipper for compensation if damage appears to be their fault.  We cannot replace plants that arrived in poor condition unless notified immediately or plants that have been in the customer's care for more than a week after arrival.

Sometimes, a perfectly nice customer and a perfectly wonderful business, for whatever reason, just aren't a good match.  If we feel that, based on a previous transaction, that we will not be able to make you happy, we do reserve the right to refuse future orders.