Welcome to The Nursery


Acalypha 'Kona Gold'

People tell us they love our plants. Well, we love them too. We are admitted plant fanatics. We love trying new plants out and seeing what they do. Because we are always trying new things we are always further evaluating how they grow, so we can better help you to grow these plants as well.

How we sell our plants:

Most of our plants are sold in 3" containers for easier shipping, some are sold in 6" pots, but we can also sell cuttings, bare-root plants, and seeds.

We're somewhat unique in the modern world of nurseries because we grow and propagate of our own plants and sells them directly.  You will see a difference in plants that aren't mass produced, but grown the old fashioned way, with loving hands instead of machines. We use pruners rather than growth regulators and chemicals.

We are certified to ship plants. That means our plants are insect, nematode and disease free, which means you start with a healthy plant. Our goal is for you to be successful.

We are a small family nursery specializing in plants for people who actually garden. 'Vintage Green Farms' strives to find plants that make the cut for gardeners and landscapers.  People tell us they see the difference in the quality of our plants because we care.

All the plants we sell are trialed in our garden first. It features Mediterranean and semi-tropical as well as tropical species of over 1,000 different taxa. We have grown many of these plants in a Southern California (a Mediterranean climate) as well as tropical one (here in Hawaii), so we have a unique perspective on the different growing habits of the same plant in different climates.